About Into Treatment

Into Treatment is a new way for people looking for help in their recovery to find resources which match their needs. The recent growth in the number of people struggling with alcohol, prescription drugs, and heroin addiction has driven an increase in the number of facilities able to help and in many cases much, sometimes all of the costs of treatment can be covered by health insurance.

Finding the Right Treatment Facility

The challenge is finding which facility is a match in terms of services supplied, location, availability and finance. This can be a confusing, painful and time-consuming process. It's a challenge which has been met for other parts of our lives such as hotels and travel, now Into Treatment.com solves it for recovery. The person looking for help (or somebody who is looking to help that person) can put in information about what they are looking for and their insurance details and we will connect them to somebody who should be able to help them. We check the insurance information and match against potential service providers. Once we have a match we can connect there and then, no call backs,  no delays. Into Treatment is here to help get you, or your loved one into treatment.

Getting IntoTreatment
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