Cocaine Abuse


We have all heard of cocaine in one way or another in movies, TV shows, the Internet, the news, on the street, at school, at work or just about any other place. This expensive drug is appropriately called, “the caviar of street drugs”. Cocaine is particularly popular among celebrities, movies stars, fashion models and even Wall Street traders. The drug gets regularly featured in pop culture these days, especially in the rap and hip hop industry as well as in movies such as “Blow.”

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is obtained from the leaves of Erythroxylum coca bush found mostly in South America. It is then treated and converted into two main forms: “powdered cocaine” and “crack cocaine.” According to research, about 14% of U.S adults have used cocaine at least once, with people ages 18 to 25 being the biggest cocaine users. The drug is smoked, snorted or injected into the body. The user experiences an instantaneous high as the drug makes its way to the brain through the bloodstream. After the substance is ingested, it is usually followed by increased energy levels, excitement and a feeling of supremacy. In some cases, anxiety, paranoia and fear may take over.


What Are Some Other Names for Cocaine?

Some of the other names cocaine is characterized by are:

  • Coke: This is a common name used on the street for cocaine in reference to the popular beverage Coca-Cola which, until 1929, contained some amount of coca extract as an ingredient.
  • Candy: Street slang for cocaine or crack cocaine. Another version of it is candy-sugar, which is used for powder cocaine.
  • Flake: This is another slang term for cocaine, although not very common.
  • Rock Bump: This is another alternate name for cocaine used to avoid getting caught.
  • Toot: A very common street slang term for cocaine, mostly used in the US.
  • Snow: Snow is used to refer to cocaine due to its appearance.
  • Powder: Powdered cocaine is sometimes simply referred to as “Powder” to stay under the radar.
  • Fishscale: This is used for very high-quality uncut cocaine that doesn’t resemble regular cocaine.
  • YaYo: A misspelled version of the famous term “lello,” coined by Tony Montana from the movie “Scarface” when talking about cocaine.
  • Yae: The shortened version of Yae-O or Yayo is used as a slang term for cocaine.
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