Ketamine is a powerful anesthetic commonly used in veterinary medicine for its anesthetic properties. In can cause temporary paralysis and induce hallucinations to the user. Due to its psychedelic nature and the feeling of joyfulness and elation it provides, ketamine has gained popularity amongst the party-going crowd and has become a regular feature in many night dance parties and for general recreational use. Apart from this, ketamine is also a popular date rape drug.

Ketamine Abuse

When mixed with alcohol or any other beverage, the odorless and tasteless nature of ketamine keeps the victim unsuspicious and leaves them sedated as soon as the drug makes its way to the bloodstream. Ketamine is available in white powder, liquid and pill form. The symptoms of ketamine abuse are similar in nature to alcohol abuse, where a person becomes disoriented, depressed, anxious and there is a feeling of nausea, mood swings, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness and amnesia. When used for a prolonged period and in high dosage, ketamine can have lifelong effects on the mind and body. Since it is a strong anesthetic, the person using it might harm himself without even realizing the pain. Some other long-term effects include urinary problems due to bladder damage.

Withdrawal of ketamine can last for 4 to 6 days depending on the individual and the amount of use prior to that. Some common withdrawal symptoms of ketamine are chills, strange cravings, tiredness, depression, anxiety, dilated pupils, muscle weakness, and nightmares.


Other Names for Ketamine

  • Kat: A common street term used for ketamine to avoid attracting unwanted attention.
  • Valium: This is a brand name drug for the generic diazepam, which is used to treat anxiety and as a relaxant. When Valium and ketamine are combined, it gives rise to a strong hallucinogenic blend, which is sometimes used as a recreational drug.
  • K: A very popular street and Internet slang for ketamine.
  • Special K: Another very common street and internet slang for ketamine.

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Ketamine Abuse
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