LSD stands for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide which is a hallucinogen commonly used as a recreational drug. It is most often taken orally in a tablet or capsule form. An LSD trip or ‘high’ can last up to 12 hours depending upon the amount of drug intake. LSD is known to have existed naturally for a long time, and there is evidence of it being used by humans for many centuries. The drug is particularly popular amongst the younger crowd.

In nature, LSD is produced by a particular type of fungus that grows on grains like rye and wheat. It can also be synthesized through artificial means. A Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman was the first to synthesize the drug in 1938. The effects of LSD are very obvious to detect, and while it can be a dangerous drug, the signs and symptoms can help detect its abuse easily

What Does LSD Do to You

As soon as the drug LSD is taken, the individual’s awareness and sense of reality begins to change. The person experiences hallucinations and loses his sense of existence. A good “trip” may be a pleasant experience for the user, but if it turns bad, the experience can be frightening. The user may suffer from dilated pupils, excessive sweating, weakness, anxiety, depression, paranoia, nausea, increased heart rate, chills, blurred vision and inability to control motions. A bad trip may also lead to disorientation and the person may forget his surroundings or his sense of pain and may harm himself without even feeling it. This can lead to serious injuries, violence, accidents or even death. If you or anyone around you notices the symptoms of LSD abuse, immediately get medical help and find a trusted rehab center in your local area.


Other Names for LSD

  • Acid: A common street slang term used for LSD since it is by nature an acid.
  • Blotter: A blotter is a perforated paper with distinct artworks or cartoons which contain the “tabs” or “hits” of LSD.
  • Blue Heaven: Another common street slang term used for LSD.
  • Cubes: LSD is often taken by mixing it with sugar cubes, which gave rise to the shorter version simply called Cubes.
  • Microdot: LSD in the form of a tiny pill is known as Microdot.
  • Yellow Sunshine: A slang term used to refer to LSD in order to avoid mentioning the real thing and stay under the radar.

If you or anyone around you notices the symptoms of LSD abuse, immediately get medical help and contact IntoTreatment right away. LSD can be fatal and have life altering effects. IntoTreatment will be there for you to give you the support you need.

What Does LSD Do to You
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