Morphine is, without a doubt, the most popular pain relief drug in use today. Some popular brand names of morphine include Avinza, MS Contin, Kadian, Orapmorph. It is the main component in opium which is illegally used as a narcotic drug and in medicine as an analgesic. Morphine finds its use mainly in the treatment of severe pain.

Morphine Abuse

The use of morphine may lead to a feeling of euphoria and tranquility, and the user may be found wanting more of it which may lead to frequent abuse and ultimately addiction. The intake of morphine provides a ‘rush’ of pleasant feelings, elation and a general feel-good experience to some users. Even the prescribed use of morphine can turn into addictive feelings for the user. Morphine abuse can occur when taken in non-prescribed doses and when mixed with other street drugs or alcohol. This detrimental combination can lead to life-altering effects.

Dangers of Morphine

Some common side effects of morphine abuse include confusion, dizziness, itchiness, extreme drowsiness, lowered blood pressure, pinpoint pupils, loss of consciousness, stomach problems, nausea, vomiting, weak blood circulation, lips and nails turning blue, coma and even death. Long-term abuse of morphine can lead to sleep apnea, weakened immune system, hallucinations, reduced self-awareness, reduced sex drive, increased risk of HIV and other blood-borne diseases. Morphine addiction can also affect a person’s mental and social well-being, turning them into an antisocial individual and leading to poor hygiene, lack of focus, inability to perform day to day activities, poor relationships with friends and family, spending excessively to buy morphine and making excuses or faking injuries to buy more of the drug.


Slang Words for Morphine

Other terms used for Morphine include the following:

  • M: The short form of the word morphine, M is a used as a street slang to refer to the highly addictive opioid narcotic.
  • Miss Emma: Morphine abusers sometimes refer to the process of injecting themselves with morphine as “driving” Miss Emma. It’s a popular street slang for morphine used to avoid unwanted attention from anyone suspecting the abuse.
  • Monkey: A street slang for morphine that originated from the 1957 movie ‘Monkey on My Back’, in which a former World War II hero and champion professional boxer turns into a morphine addict.
  • White Stuff: Morphine tablets are commonly available in white color hence the slang White Stuff."

Morphine Withdrawal

There are serious withdrawal effects associated with morphine abuse and addiction, ranging from anxiety, chills, diarrhea, cramps, insomnia, nausea and vomiting, sneezing, runny nose, irritability, muscle weakness and loss of appetite. IntoTreatment does not want you to go through this withdrawal process alone. Contact us today for help and information on how to change your situation.

Morphine Abuse
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