Oxymorphone is an opiate prescription painkiller that belongs to the same family and has the same functionality as hydromorphone, meperidine, morphine and methadone. The most commonly used brand name for oxymorphone is called Opana, which was approved by the FDA as recently as 2006. It is utilized for the treatment of moderate to severe pain. Just like other opiates, oxymorphone has potential to be abused by inducing dependence and tolerance in its users. Opana pills are crushed and dissolved in water or other drinks and injected into the body by those trying to abuse it. It gives a sudden “high” or “rush” of emotions along with feelings of joy and euphoria, which is common for all opiate narcotics.

Abuse of Oxymorphone

The signs and symptoms of oxymorphone are similar in nature to those of other opiates such as heroin, oxycodone, and hydrocodone. These include drowsiness, constipation, nausea, vomiting, euphoria, extended feelings of tranquility or lightheadedness and constricted pupils. Extended use of oxymorphone can quickly turn to dependence and addiction for someone. Oxymorphone overdose can have serious consequences, including respiratory arrest, muscle flaccidity, stupor, chest pain, slowed heart rate, circulatory collapse, cardiac arrest, coma and even death. Addiction to oxymorphone means the person will do anything to get his hands on the drug and keep using it to avoid the withdrawal effects. This addiction can destroy a person financially, physically and psychologically and destroy their relationships, friendships, and careers.


Other Names for Oxymorphone

Oxymorphone is commonly referred to by other names such as:

  • Biscuits: A slang term for oxymorphone tablets known as the brand name Opana. These tablets are like hard little biscuits that are hard to break to discourage oxymorphone abuse.
  • Blue(s): Oxymorphone tablets usually come blue color and therefore, commonly called Blue or Blues in the streets.
  • Heaven: A common slang term used for oxymorphone that refers to the feeling of being in heaven that many of its users claim to experience.
  • Mrs.O: Taking the letter ‘O’ from Oxymorphone, this slang term for the opiate drug is commonly used on the streets and the internet.
  • O Bomb: Since Oxymorphone use gives the users a “high” or euphoric feeling, it is also called O Bomb in some cases.
  • Octagons: The commonly used brand name oxymorphone tablets are known as Opana, are octagonal in shape. Hence, the street slang is Octagons.
  • Stop Signs: Opana pills containing oxymorphone are similar in appearance to stop signs we see on the streets. Therefore, they are sometimes referred to as Stop Signs as slang.

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Abuse of Oxymorphone
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