PCP is short for phencyclidine and it is a dissociative anesthetic that causes hallucinations, perception alterations, delusions and irrational behaviors. It has been categorized as a Schedule II drug by the DEA because of its high potential of abuse. Very similar in its effects to Ketamine, PCP is a commonly abused drug in the US with severe physical and psychological dependence. It is commonly available as a white powder and depending on the amount of purity and the method of preparation, the color can range from white to dark brown. Some typical signs of PCP abuse are euphoria, elation, reduced sensitivity to pain, feelings of supremacy, apathy and a disregard for any consequences of one’s actions."

PCP Abuse

PCP abuse can cause strong hallucinations, which may result in a person losing all sense of existence, having feelings of intense alienation and experiencing severe depression. The exact effects of PCP abuse differ from person to person and the amount of dose taken at a time. Low doses can cause effects similar to being drunk. Moderate doses can cause anesthesia, leading to a lack of coordination and inability to move body parts. High doses of PCP can cause seizures, coma or even death. Apart from ill effects on the user itself, there is a grave danger associated with PCP abuse where the user can cause physical harm to others. Simply put, continued use of PCP can cause immense damage to a person’s life. Therefore, if you or anyone close to you is showing signs of PCP abuse and addiction, immediately find professional help and find a trusted rehab center that can offer complete addiction treatment therapy.


Street Names Used for PCP

The most commonly used street names for PCP include the following:

  • Angel Dust: A very common street slang used for PCP. The exact origin of why it is called is hard to tell but among a slew of alternate names used for PCP, this is the oldest and the most popular one.
  • Boat: When a marijuana joint is dipped in PCP, the resulting concoction is termed as the slang Boat.
  • Hog: A street slang used to refer to PCP.
  • Love Boat: As explained above for the slang Boat, when a marijuana blunt is dipped in PCP, the resulting mixture is sometimes known as Love Boat.
  • Peace Pill: PCP supposedly takes the user to an imaginative peaceful place, hence the street slang Peace Pill.
PCP Abuse
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